INDUSTRIAL WATER SOFTENER Complete Water Solution offers a comprehensive range of both standard and fully customizable water softening systems, coupled with comprehensive maintenance services for your industrial, commercial, or municipal softener systems.

Benefits of Industrial and Commercial Water Softeners:

– Prolonged Equipment/Appliance Lifespan
– Minimal Repair and Maintenance Costs
– Reduced Energy Consumption
– Diminished Chemical Usage and Associated Expenses

Applications for Water Softeners:

– Pharmaceutical Industry
– Service and Tourism Sector
– Agricultural Operations
– Medical Facilities
– Manufacturing Processes
– Food and Beverage Industry

Our offerings exemplify our prowess in delivering the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to the requirements of the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Our array of products and services is highly sought after among our clientele and in the broader market. We have succeeded in developing sought-after products and services that effectively address the diverse needs of various markets and clients.

Our turn-key water treatment systems are pre-engineered using cutting-edge technology, allowing our team to design and deliver treatment systems with swift turnaround times. Our roster of satisfied clients worldwide attests to the effectiveness of our water softener solutions, which have proven invaluable in a multitude of applications.

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  • Duplex Industrial Water Softener

    Duplex Industrial Water Softener


    Duplex Industrial Water Softener
    The AquaBest DUPLEX water softener system, featuring the Clack Control Valve, is engineered for uninterrupted and continuous 24-hour operation. This specialized water softener system employs two primary units: resin columns and brine tanks. The unique feature here involves incorporating multiple resin columns to ensure an unceasing supply of softened water. Meanwhile, the rest of the setup, including the brine tank, plays a pivotal role in the regeneration of ion exchange resin. The Duplex Industrial water softener serves as the central system responsible for water softening in industrial applications. Its primary function lies in preventing the development and proliferation of limescale, thus contributing to the elongated lifespan of industrial appliances. This mechanism, known as ion exchange, efficiently eliminates stubborn manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium ions from the incoming water supply, ensuring optimal water quality.




    Industrial Water Softener
    AquaBest introduces the Simplex Industrial Water Softener equipped with the Clack Control Valve, a fundamental system for water softening in industrial settings where continuous operation isn’t required 24 hours a day. This solution effectively prevents the development and accumulation of limescale, consequently prolonging the lifespan of industrial appliances. The AquaBest Industrial Water Softeners cater to the water treatment needs of industrial applications by alleviating water hardness using a resin-based process. In this procedure, the resin substitutes the hardness in the water with salt (brine) that undergoes periodic regeneration. Known as ion exchange, this process eliminates stubborn manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium ions from the incoming water source. With water softening, you’ll experience several benefits: reduced detergent usage, decreased buildup of hard water deposits, savings on unnecessary equipment repairs due to wear and tear, and enhanced operational efficiency. From intricate manufacturing processes to daily tasks like laundry, our solution ensures optimal water quality for your diverse industrial needs.

  • Pure Water Pure Industry KSA Water Softener Innovators

    Pure Water Pure Industry KSA Water Softener Innovators

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    Pure Water Pure Industry KSA Water Softener Innovators Introduction In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), where water quality is pivotal to public health and the smooth operation of businesses and industries, a group of pioneering companies is making waves in the field of water treatment. These innovators are the manufacturers of industrial water softeners,…