Activated Carbon Cartridges


Aqua Best carries a variety of activated carbon filters to improve water taste and odor. Standard diameter cartridges are approximately 2-1/2″, while Big Blue® Cartridges are 4-1/2″ in diameter. Activated Carbon Cartridges

Pentek® GAC, Pentek® RFC, and Watts GAC Series Carbon Filters use granular activated carbon, greatly increasing their surface area and the capacity of the cartridge.

RFC Series Cartridges arrange the granular carbon for radial flow inside the cartridge, reducing pressure drop at higher flow rates.

EP, EPM, CBC, CCBC, and Harmsco® HAC Series Cartridges use a formed block of carbon to reduce particulates in addition to activated carbon filter functions.

C and NCP Series Carbon Filters feature carbon impregnated media for increased dirt-holding capacity. CFB and FloPlus Series Filters incorporate Fibredyne® technology which creates a unique filter media by attaching powdered activated carbon onto a cellulose-free synthetic fiber.


1st stage Polypropylene 10μm
2nd stage Polypropylene 5μm
• Removes solid particles and sediments (dirt, mud, rust) and protect carbon block for better function
3rd stage Activated carbon block
• Made of activated carbon block from coconut shell
• Removes chlorine
• Improves taste and odor of the water
4th Stage Ultra filtration membrane 0,1μm
• The ultra filtration membrane removes bacteria and microorganisms. Retains the good trace elements that are necessary for human body
• Removes chlorine up to 100%, organic compounds, pesticides and chemical substances according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42
• Improves taste and odor of the water to high levels according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42
• Reduces turbidity according to NSF/ANSI Standard 53
• Removes cysts according to NSF/ANSI 53
• Removes Cryptosporidium, Giardia
• Removes particles up to 0,03 μm
• Removes staphylococcus 100%
• Removes Brevundimonas bacteria 100%
• Removes Escherichia Coli 100%
• Removes Caolin 100%
• Removes Polymerized latex 100%
• Made in Taiwan
• NSF certification