200 GDP Water Filter in Riyadh


Aqua Best offers 200 GDP Water Filter in Riyadh a 7-stage UV-Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water purification system capable of processing 200 gallons per day. This comprehensive system utilizes mechanical filtration to eliminate particles, carbon absorption to remove chlorine, taste, odor, and chemical contaminants, and advanced membrane separation down to 0.0001 microns. The RO membranes efficiently remove dissolved solids at the ionic level, resulting in superior water purification that outperforms other systems. Enjoy clean and safe drinking water with Aqua Best’s advanced purification technology. No other system offers better removal of impurities, ensuring the highest quality drinking water for you and your family.

  1. PP Spun Sediment Filter – 20”x2.5”
  2. GAC – Activated Carbon Filter – 20”x2.5”
  3. CTO -Carbon Block Filter – 20”x2.5”
  4. Booster Pump (110/220 V, 50/60 Hz)x2
  5. USA -RO Dow Chemical Membranex2
  6. Inline Taste & Odor Filter
  7. Inline Ceramic Mineral Filter
  8. Ultra Violet (UV)
  9. High/low Pressure Switch
  10. Solenoid Valve
  11. Stand for the filtration Unit



  1. The Minimum rejection rate of 95% of TDS
  2. Production Capacity: 200/400 GPD
  3. Voltage: 220v
  4. Certification: NSF
  5. Filtration Stage: Seven
  6. Make: Aqua Best
  7. Origin: Taiwan
  8. Total Weight: Approx. 30 Kg
  9. Operation Temperature: 50C.
  10. Operating Pressure: 75 PSI to 175 PSI.
  11. The system only to be used on biologically safe water supply.
  12. Filter cartridges should be changed every 2- 3 months.
  13. This is the whole system, including extensive installation instructions including pictures, etc.


  1. Innovative filter housing structure is safe, easy to change, and reliable.
  2. Quick connect fittings. Easy installation and maintenance.
  3. Autoshut off feature when storage tank is full or low pressure for safe reliable operation.
  4. Compact design for space saving under-sink installations.
  5. Automatic flush feature for longer membrane life compared to traditional systems.
  6. Adopts Reverse Osmosis membrane technology which precisely filters down to 0.0001mm particles.